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They call you, usually in the middle of the night but immediately hang up. Many times they hang up before Caller ID can get a number but the call can still be returned which is what they want.
You see a missed call.
You call back.
They charge you for the call like a 900 number and for each minute they can keep you on the line. The rates are often astronomical.


Phone scammers can now target you with one word to steal your identity.
Phone scammers now use a single word to steal the identity of unsuspecting people in New York.

You receive a call and on the other end of the line, the person has background noise and static.
The person calling complains about a headset he or she is wearing that did not allow them to hear well or claims to have a bad connection.
And then comes the kill.
The caller asks "Can you hear me?"
As most people strive to be polite on calls, we are social engineered to answer "Yes."

Once you answer "Yes", authorities say that is all they need. Scammers use recordings of your voice to authorize future charges on phone bills, utility bills and for credit cards.

When you dispute the bill sent, they play a recording where the question is asked: "Do you agree to the charge?"

And the next thing heard is your voice saying "Yes."

That's all it takes to be forced to go through the process of proving you did not authorize the bill they are claiming you agreed to.

Many consumers have reported they have had to go to court to prove the bill for services is fraudulent.

another trick is to ask you questions like "Do you pay too much interest on your credit cards?" If you answer with "Yes" then this can lead to a falsified loan charge levied against you.then this is the "Yes" trick outlined

The caller may also get you to:
- Try to press a number on your phone to be removed from repeat calls.
This only confirms that someone actually answered the call and this keeps the number in their database for future calls.
- Ask right away if you are so and so with your name.
This permanently locks down your name and telephone number in their database. This is also used for websites that publish names and addresses of people. If you pay for your telephone number to be unlisted, this circumvents that and your information is out there.

Authorities recommend Do not answer "YES" or give your name and hanging up on all of these calls.

Always Ask who is calling you,

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